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Statement rings
Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello friends! hows everyone doing? I didnt realize today was July 31 until i checked my laptop's calendar. my eyes widened for a second i wasnt expecting it to be this fast. Photobucket
tomorrow is first week of august and my dad's birthday will be coming in a fleet of time. he'll be turning 54 by then, who would expect it would come this fast?? Photobucket another redundant word i know..but wthell, i cant get over the fact that months from now it would be 2012 already! series of event happened to quickly for me but somehow i need to catch up with this pace and move forward with everyone.

Photobucket anyho~ lately,ive been collecting and wore them out in public these huge fancy rings i found on my accessory box again. at first i find it awkward to wear coz i was thinking it may look too huge and exaggerated on my finger but eventually fashion had  grown and soon realized "it doesnt look that bad" Photobucket

Anytime soon ill show you guys some accessory collection i had way back college till present, i just need to spare a time for that.

by the way. that silver rose ring in the middle is my statement ring, ive been wearing it since first year of college and how old was that? 17? and im like 27years old now. ahahah! funny it lasted till now. there was this moment i thought i lost it and i almost cried.  Photobucket funny but true.

so tell me guys, do you have any statement clothes? or accessories even? let me know from your comments below. till next blogpost! Photobucket

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hassle every day
Sunday, July 10, 2011

hello everyone! another weekend for us to relax and of course some time to unwind rom the hectic week we had. Photobucket
so there i was, driving my way to the mall and apparently i need to pass by the shortcut coz i think its more convenient right?, this "shortcut" im talking about seems like the road was extremely narrow. it is a two way road but the problem is,
these tricycle drivers are fond of blocking the way for them to pick up passengers, hence giving "US" 4wheel drivers the trouble of waiting for their sake PLUS a traffic is building up behind them.

actually it is not a problem to pick up passengers IF they could only park on an appropriate tricycle STOP to avoid traffic from 4wheel drivers. it is not a good idea if the traffic jams up even for a couple of minutes. The road is not wide enough to make room for this.*sigh*

yes, i had to face those hassle every time i need to take the shortcut. heres a photo of those great tricycle transpo for the convenience of your imagination.

Theres nothing i can do but whine till im used to these kind of situation.Photobucket
How about you guys? have you ever encountered such annoyance while your in the road riding your daily jeepney/car/motor/bike?

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Awesome Android Phone Samsung Galaxy S
Sunday, July 3, 2011


hello bloggers!

i never thought july would come this fast, seriously you could just imagine months from now or shall we say (5)months from now CHRISTMAS will be knocking at your door.  oh and I just turned twenty seven (27) couple of weeks back, June 11 to be exact and yeah 4years from now my age will be out of the calendar, *wow*

during my birthday, we got this awesome android phone from samsung and i swear, it was love at first sight, it was worth the price and heck im gonna take good care of this! i said to myself. heres a photo of it.

i got the pink edition by the way, it was so lovely that i couldnt get my eyes off of it!. lately android phones are total hit in the market, big screens are getting famous lately plus touch screen is a plus! i waited for so long till SGS1 price drops down and finally the time came.Photobucket

how is everyone doing? any updates lately? if you want me to visit your page, please leave a comment below then ill definitely drop a line or two Photobucket

PS. please buy quality phones, i promise it is worth the money. do invest on a quality phone people for your own convenience. it doesnt have to be that super expensive thou.

cheerios! till nxt post!Photobucket

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Sunday, July 03, 2011

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