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Recent purchas of contact lens
Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello! its a weekend and hours from now back to work nanaman. lucky for students coz summer vacation nyo na dba? Photobucket so yeah, for now i decided to make a post regarding my recent purchase of contact lens and how much it cost me. *click photo for bigger version*

Photobucketfirst of all im using GEO contact lenses and i got it from a friend whose been selling cheap retailed lenses. i bought 14.8mm super nudy brown. it has a darker outer ring and may differ due to lighting effect from my cam. i love this color coz it looks natural on me plus it suits the color of my skin and hair.

color: super nudy brown
price ranges: 600-650php (may differ from your local distributor)
diameter: 14.8mm


This is the famous black hurrican circle lens which was commonly used by cosplayers and by japanese woman to enhance the size of their pupil. i rarely use this one due to personal reason.Photobucket

color: black hurrican circle lens
price ranges: 600-650php (may differ from your local distributor)
diameter: 14.8mm


This is my all time favorite color, my friend mentioned something about this color got similarities to Edward Cullen's eye from twilight. i may not be a fan of twilight but the color catches my attention much and it has a normal diameter plus it matches my hair color shade and skin tone too.Photobucket

color: YH-304-Twin Honey
price ranges: 600-650php (may differ from your local distributor)
diameter: 14.00mm

Basic Tips:

- You should match your skin, hair or natural eye colors with your contact lens.

- If you do not want to be the center of attention or most definitely shy or you just want to have a natural look you probably want to pick a contact lens that would create a subtle change in your appearance, choose warm colors like hazel or honey to match your makeup.

-You can choose the brightest color hue like sapphire or Violet. it gives you a stunningly attractive eyes. This is suitable for parties where you want others to recognize you easily. *please make sure to consider the brightness of the color before you purchase your contact lens*

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

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