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am i being a hypocrite?
Friday, April 22, 2011

hello holy week! ill be staying home for the whole day till saturday, im such a good little girl noh Photobucket ahaha but to be honest im quite disappointed with our culture.

havent you guys ever wonder why it is such a trend whenever its holy week or halloween.. etc.. people scrambled in going to beach or even sober themselves for partyparty?why would they do that? isnt holy week a time for repentance or abstain thyself from cravings? it happens once a year and people cant comprehend the essence of it Photobucket

oh and you know what? holy week is party time in the philippines! yes.  i noticed that way back and it came to me yesterday which i really find so aggravating! Photobucket coz holy week for catholics is just another holiday, a much awaited holiday that is, all we can think of is self happiness and recreational..  sad thing is nawala na yung essence to penitence or repent our sins.. but i guess everyone has their unique way of expressing it. Photobucket hay nako people..bow..

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Chicken and Buko Halo
Sunday, April 10, 2011

lately weve been food tripping on a local food shop here in cebu named "Jo's Chicken Inato" it is located near boyfriend's house so rather than having dinner at his place Photobucket we decided to dine out instead. and this is what im loving at the moment.

PhotobucketThis is their menu specialty, Jo's inato special - Php 85.00 Only, cheap isnt it? their calamares tastes good too.


and of course our dessert, Buko-Halo special Php 85.00 one person cant  consume all of it, so boyfriend and i shared on huge buko.

Not all food in their menu worth 85 Php, it just so happened they have same price from the food weve ordered.

ive got nothing else interesting to blog about from the past couple of days, all i did was
WORK ► GYM ► DINNER w/ CHADRIC [the boyfriend] ► HOME
same routine from monday till friday Photobucket
oh and i found a new sport suitable for me! ahahah! BADMINTON! WOOT! im getting the hang of it already. have you guys tried playing badminton?Photobucket

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recent purchas of contact lens
Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello! its a weekend and hours from now back to work nanaman. lucky for students coz summer vacation nyo na dba? Photobucket so yeah, for now i decided to make a post regarding my recent purchase of contact lens and how much it cost me. *click photo for bigger version*

Photobucketfirst of all im using GEO contact lenses and i got it from a friend whose been selling cheap retailed lenses. i bought 14.8mm super nudy brown. it has a darker outer ring and may differ due to lighting effect from my cam. i love this color coz it looks natural on me plus it suits the color of my skin and hair.

color: super nudy brown
price ranges: 600-650php (may differ from your local distributor)
diameter: 14.8mm


This is the famous black hurrican circle lens which was commonly used by cosplayers and by japanese woman to enhance the size of their pupil. i rarely use this one due to personal reason.Photobucket

color: black hurrican circle lens
price ranges: 600-650php (may differ from your local distributor)
diameter: 14.8mm


This is my all time favorite color, my friend mentioned something about this color got similarities to Edward Cullen's eye from twilight. i may not be a fan of twilight but the color catches my attention much and it has a normal diameter plus it matches my hair color shade and skin tone too.Photobucket

color: YH-304-Twin Honey
price ranges: 600-650php (may differ from your local distributor)
diameter: 14.00mm

Basic Tips:

- You should match your skin, hair or natural eye colors with your contact lens.

- If you do not want to be the center of attention or most definitely shy or you just want to have a natural look you probably want to pick a contact lens that would create a subtle change in your appearance, choose warm colors like hazel or honey to match your makeup.

-You can choose the brightest color hue like sapphire or Violet. it gives you a stunningly attractive eyes. This is suitable for parties where you want others to recognize you easily. *please make sure to consider the brightness of the color before you purchase your contact lens*

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Sunday, April 03, 2011

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