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50 random things at the moment
Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hi guys, during my free hour, ive been watching this anime "Kaichou wa maid-sama" i duno if you're familiar with it but its quite good. airing epi 8 n animax at the moment. i saw this post somewhere on facebook and i planned to do this on my blog aswell... its about your 100 random things at the moment.. since 100 is quite long! i reduced it to 50 instead.

basically its 50 random things at the moment. :) here goes..

1. Im still at work slacking off
2. tryng to do my work
3. Trying to put it off by writing random stuff
4. Sun is covered by thick clouds atm, i like it! =)
5. My birth name is Stella Marie
6. I just answered some FormSpring Questions
7. Im horrified at the thought of growing old
8. Im typing really slow while answering this
9. Listening to Tori Amos - A sorta fairytale
10. I love oldskool alternative and Hip-hop! ahaha
11. They don't make music like that anymore!
12. Worrying about future life with someone special
13. I wanna buy a siberian husky soon.
14. I have so many regrets, but hey you live and learn
15. Its a light make-up-day today.
16. I wish it will rain till midnight
17. Im currently eating chicharon. gahh! so fattening!
18. I had nova chips yest night around 11:30pm
19. Was playing ragnarok private server with boyfriend last night. =)
20. Planning a visit my cousins next week
21. I hate people who are pessimistic and unfaithful
22. and not loyal and with no respect, and insensitive and naive. and so on DX
23. its hard to regain my trust back once its broken
24. I love my bf
25. He is the only person who never judges me
26. I panic most of the time but boyfriend tends to calm me down. its his job. =)
27. Im a tidy freak, everything has its place
28. I want to travel the world
29. First I need enough money
30. Right now, im listening to Late Night Alumni - Empty Streets in Youtube
31. I feel light atm, im currently hungry.
32. I had a bad dream 3days ago
33. Hope nothing bad will happen
34. I graduated last year! or was it last?
35. I really dont have an outstanding grade, as long as i wont fail its enough for me.
36. I have 5 best friends
37. I had a cat b4, he died.=(
38. He died coz someone shot him with pellet gun. =(
39. I wish I had more time to blog
40. I love reading all your comments.
41. But very time consuming
42. I cried watching hachiko last week
43. Im a Gemini, I have 2 different personalities
44. At the moment, only my mom had noticed my other side.
45. I feel extremely lucky to have readers in my blog
46. I wish I was taller, 5ft6 to be precise
47. This seems to be taking forever lol
48. Im planing to buy a new phone Samsung Galaxy S i9000
49. I hope i can save enough money to buy a video cam.
50. Thats all! If you reached this far, well done!!! =O
I TAG ALL OF MY READERS! please let me know if you took this 50 Random Things at the moment game so that i can read your post too and leave comment also. =)

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Weekend guys!
Saturday, May 8, 2010

happy weekend everyone~ how was your week so far? mine was busy as usual, mondays to friday nothing but work-work from 8:30am till 4:00pm.

Friday - around 7pm we had dinner at Marco Polo Hotel here in cebu, they have a buffet restaurant inside where youve got to pay 1500 per head. food is awesome, ambiance is fine. their chefs were friendly overall its 8/10pts. :)

Thursday - boyfriend and i had a slight argument on something else, luckily it was settled b4 the night ended. we both get sleepless night whenever we had slight unsettled problems on that day.

Wednesday - went to mountain view and had picnic around 5:30pm, view was awesome! and ordered sandwich from ILA PUTI..supper greasy ung bread. wtf..=_= fattening day

Tuesday - cant remmber what happend here, hahaha work work i gues

Monday - after work boyfriend and i watched Hayate the combat butler. :D

anyweys, that sums up everthing for the whole week. was your week so far??

PS: to all my blogfriends, ill be adding up your facebook account if you have one. is it okay with you?

PSS: ill be doing some affies and link clean ups today, ill be deleting whose blog are no longer accessible and inactive.

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Im back from the dead
Sunday, May 2, 2010

2months hiatus~terrible.. but yeah, ive been active on facebook instead of blogging. ahahah!
among my blog friends whom i havent added on facebook yet, ill be posting my primary account below.
Stella-wella facebook

yes, shamelessly plugging my page. anyweys.. if youve been wondering why i havent showed my ass up on blogger, heres one of my "not-so-lame excuse"

1. was out of the country lately, traveling along with my mom.
2. lazy to blog, brain fart most of the time. (acceptable excuse)
3. facebook most of the time and i forgot all about my blogpage

whats new?
1. my hair is getting longer and loving it!
2. bought a good concealer from Benefit
3. reopened my youtube account
4. new accessories i missed you guys! ill visit your blog soon!

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

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